'Art-Trash' - Being at peace


Make school

Since in the United States of America there is a right to happiness for people and the state of Russia has granted its citizens a right to sadness for quite some time, I believe that I, as a German, may insist on a right to despair. To be human should be the order of the day.

We Germans are exceedingly organized. In doing so, we have given ourselves a leg up. We think it is a virtue to harness ourselves to a temporary-structural system of rules of action and external specifications, and we call such a system order. However, something chaotic has resulted from what we have done or not done because we have overdone it. Moreover, it has not been a good thing to reject one's own role and not to be responsible for a consequential effect of it. We have not been guilt-free.



Suppression and identification shall be the two catchwords for a human dealing (also) with oneself.

Who has corresponded to an attitude of denial too often, shall go out empty, because he has wished it so.

It has been consistent that we have abstained from the intention of a human being.


An initial ignition

To be able to leave everything as it has been, should bring us close to the given. There it will be something true what we do. From here, only an acceptance is needed to confirm the given.

The one who has been on a good way experiences a state of mental stability, in which his things know how to fulfill themselves by themselves.

With it we have put a cross under that description of the facts which have been true and have been true.


A square in words

To know one's limits and to know one's boundaries is an essential part of a person's freedom. This should be valid for the outer and the inner limits of a human being.

War is coercion. Without maintaining a peace, there can be no freedom with us.

The whole is the sum of its parts. What is given has an effect. In it we are determined, what is to be ours.

Something untouched has everything in itself what exists. In contrast, man with his nature has left many a 'molehill' of his own kind and has rooted things up as well as exploited them.

Icon of Trivius V. Constantius (Mathias Schneider)


Red color, black lines

Starting from a blank sheet and a full pen in the hand of a human being, something can be created by him with artistry. There everything should be possible and nevertheless nothing of it at the first go exists. The human being is on a search for the truth of his life or he has not known any such truth.

There he uses thin feathers and little ink, in order to attach those auxiliary lines on the paper, which lead to the motive. Something own would need meanwhile nothing new and something new nothing own to have been. So it should take shape and appear what has arisen with us.


First words

For those who have not really had anything to do with the art of an early 21st century present, this site titled ''Art-Trash' - Being at Peace' should unlock something of a current value.

This here is meant to be a portal that acts as an easy access point to Schneider's work. It is also intended as an introduction to his card file for those with whom it would not previously be familiar. He has called the card index simply 'Baukasten'. With it he wants to inform about what has already been done by him. For the same purpose he put these things online and shared them here.

The wiki ''Art-Trash' - Being at peace' would be meanwhile as a small head page of it. From here you will be able to find a whole collection of websites. This is supposed to be the access to his whole fund. With it he represents his 'book for everything', as he sometimes called it.

Mathias Schneider, Photograph, March of 2015



I am not an artist because I have made myself one.

While I paint, I feel.

As I make music, I feel my strength.

As I write, I sort myself out and can collect myself.


A finite objective

Either I apply a force or I adjust a form. To accomplish both at the same time, however, has always exhausted me. There I have seen it sometime that the facts are a default of this existence as a human being to us, because we want to achieve everything, but have to accept every aspect of a thing for itself and have to confirm.


Cover letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

I, Mathias Schneider from Offenburg in the Ortenau, *1975, assume that my way of approaching the matter of art can lead to something good for others and me. That would be probably in such a way, if the people will take part in these things, which I arranged once. It would be nice if you would like to be a part of it. I have always been pleased with those fellow men who take some time for my page here and look at the exhibited things willingly. My thanks are also expressed to you now for having come here to spend some time with it.

Gladly I have shown myself modest when I brought my things to file. Some different material I put here to the show. I do it in such a way, in order to be able to show you the whole spectrum of my work. I would like to have my say in this quiet corner of the network Internet. I have sometimes been patient with my fellow men, but I have not remained speechless and voiceless, especially when it came to my artistic concerns.

I know something to say about my things in the 'construction kit', my card index, to which this wiki counts as a small header page. I like to do that in such a way that I speak of what I deal with.

Just get involved in the adventure of reading the website of a creator of art. Into a frame story of my things I introduce them there. I show you thus something of it, around which it went to me primarily with my activity.

The file 'construction kit' should stand for something whole. So it should be accepted also once by an audience. Here I have created something which still wants to be grasped and understood correctly. I have prepared the work analogous to my world of thoughts and ideas. With it I try to make it clear to you which background this has.

So here I have brought to light what I like to deal with. These written elaborations are completed by the content of a 'set box', which contains pictures and music from the own fabrication.

Basically, I believe in a positive value of my works. However, I still assign them to the genre 'Art-Trash'. With this I tried to show it that everything I once designed will belong to each other. So I would like to be understood.

The whole thing has retained its meaning for me. I would like to know my art thing put on safe legs. For this I put something given here bit by bit into a well acceptable condition. Perhaps it will be convenient for you to stay here for a while.

With this word in mind, I now wish you all the best and remain

With kind regards

the author Mathias Schneider

Devastating Thoughts - To Be In Need of Some Angels, CGP


A construction simulation

The author Mathias Schneider, with his card index called 'Construction Kit', has in mind to do something possible for him. There he has heard and recognized the effect which has arisen during the writing of those collections of texts contained in it, thus his wikis by itself. There have been many opportunities for this. While reading and listening to his writings, a certain mental state of order has appeared in him, which has carried him through life more and more, but also better, in all these years.

There he has been able to see that the processing of these things has happened rightly. It should be something magical about it that this state of affairs has occurred by itself. Schneider did not do anything additional to make it true.

At some point, he realized that omitting actions can also improve one's own habitus. Schneider's situation has also been refined by the fact that he alone has rarely dealt with the content of the German boulevard. There he has avoided like the plague to deal with things that are basically too distant to him. In this way, he has been able to reduce those distractions that used to emanate from it.

In the meantime, Mathias Schneider only uses the nearly 1,000 pages of his card index for a reading in his spare time. By means of a power that is too much for him, he performs some combinatorics on them when he goes on a search for errors in his work. If he finds something, he immediately adjusts the wording of his writings. He sometimes combs through his writings literally, also to hear their degree of order.

There his task, that search for meaning for the life and the finding of an own capacity represents something what he has fulfilled himself with simplicity and clarity. It should be fair the text work as a matter of a construction simulation. With some fantasy Schneider imagined this idea and also made something true for himself with it. This has been close to him and has occurred abruptly as soon as the conditions for it have been fulfilled by him. He has rarely done more than leave something given to him as it really appeared.


A model as a basis

In my work creation, I primarily assumed that there is a need for an approach to the design. For this I have selected a picture, which contains an abstraction. It should be a simple one.

Starting from the conviction that the periphery of the human being and its aura correspond with its perception, I have assumed for this that it lets known values appear assignable. Thereby it should be able to give a statement to every value which corresponds to the truth of this existence as a human being.

So there are zones on this perimeter, which are accessible to us. Their connection to us is to be executed directly for this picture. With it we get rays which belong to us. Thus a star arises in the field of the light thoughts. Its appearance would not be comparable with the celestial structure of a sun. It is rather a construct of connections, which can be represented graphically. With it we bring it before us. A memory of it, what has been found lying there before us, integrates itself gradually better into our conception of our existence.

Now, in order to give the thing its limit, we look at something close. We weight the given because of its proximity to us. This is to emphasize the importance of the subject. It occurs. Moreover, it is given, no matter how we want to express things. Sooner or later it gets relevance, whether we have known about it and take it into account. One can exclude its occurrence alone only in an unsatisfactory way. It represents a neglect to do such a thing.

With it we have assumed it that there is an inner border. Between outer area and inner border now the subject is supposed to be situated and the spirit of the human being is supposed to exist. With this we have assumed a hard core, which has been inaccessible for us. This is supposed to be embodied by the triangle in this consideration.

The triangle and the circle around it now form a construct. In a certain distance to it there is another circle. With it the outer and the inner border of the field of our perception area are given. Within such a field we operate our cognition and order the given, so that something of it can be known to us. Certain approaches and tools are available to us for this.

Approaches to weighting the image







Tools to complete the image


Options for the consideration of such a work


In order to now accept the work as ordered, all of the aforementioned conditions must be completely fulfilled. To illustrate this, I have now produced this motif as a drawing and show it to you here.


The house of life

A show of man brings forth stories. There he can and wants to bring in. But a framework is needed for what is to occur. I have defined such a framework for me when I decided for the 'House of Life'. This system of making recognizable personally significant thoughts and ideas to the own existence as a human being gives to my explanations that framework valid for them, as I would like to recognize it.

A certain alertness of the person should come to bear in his existence. It belongs to it that one does not close oneself before the life and its fate or keeps covered to everything. With it I admit it now that the feeling of a joyfulness in the participation in the everyday life events has suited me well.

The 'house of life' is now based on the one hand on the three pillars of the temporal observation of a human being. On the other hand, it provides a conclusion of the whole, because it has led me to a synopsis of the given from this point of view.

There I put three cards in front of me and a fourth card across it. Now I explain the picture of it in an abstract way.

The left card represents the past. The middle card represents the present. The right card stands for the future. The fourth card across stands for the conclusion, i.e. for the synopsis of the whole. It gives the conclusion of this reading.

One after the other, card by card, one carries out his observation and speaks of what one can recognize as relatable to oneself and one's own existence thanks to the motif of the card. Starting from the observation of the past, one brings with the present the present situation in relation to one's current standpoint on life as a human being, as it is. Afterwards one grants oneself a view into the future.

When this path is completed, one goes within oneself and uncovers the card for the conclusion. On the one hand, it supplies the key to the knowledge of the given, on the other hand, its true seal is shown by it, which once gave us strength, but which can embody just as well a closed door, through which we could not go through. Thus it should be given that the conclusion will be the cement which makes the temporal contemplation ideally flush and puts us into a state which has completed for us the process of the introspection.


A history of reports

All media have the peculiarity that they provide something for a fact, which should be known by their viewer. These media can be distinguished according to whether they are already known and whether one will know the intention for their production. There the contents of it are hidden from us, although they seem obvious. Moreover, we have not known what it does to us that we apply them to ourselves and bring them into our lives. Meanwhile, all statements of a medium have something inherent in them that is supposed to underlie them. It claims to be true what has happened because it has happened. At the same time we have remained exempt from it and have not known anything to do with it.

There the media are comparable with tarot cards, which are addressed. Those, a display of it contained expressiveness attain the reports straight also by their form. Thereby it has been as a rule hidden cards, what we got to see. We do not even know whether they were complete sets that were played with. Everything has appeared in a way that has hidden or covered it, which has been of essential value for us. We let ourselves be infected by it and we say 'information' to it. We think we know it, that such things have meant something. Many a visionary paints them into his mind and thus becomes a bearer of these contents himself.

It would be good to make a comparison with the tarot as soon as the media have reported something for which one has no access to own. The content of the things lies in their usability. What we have made of it, that is what mattered.


Something essential about my person

My life history has brought it with itself that I have attained little by little a somewhat more complete picture of myself. However, I would like to fix for it alone only those outer borders which have been valid for it. For this I name these. I do this, in order to say with it, in which field I have moved me all my life.

In contrast to a playful application of basic motives of the introspection of a person, I choose the way of a determination. The pool of motives has been sifted by me for this purpose. Depending on which kind of basic set one has assumed for this pool, certain opportunities arise for it.

I have decided for myself that instead of typifying my person, I would like to show its outer limits. Thus, I give as accurate and also complete a picture of my personality structure. I have selected my motive from a collection of tarot cards. In doing so, it occurred to me that I by no means have to use all the cards of this deck.

Since a border always has two sides, I have chosen per statement of value also two maps, which are to mark it, what drives me around, but also what leads me into the existence. Meanwhile I started from a free, thus open zone between the border points. Within this I can position myself.

The vertical line, which I have in mind, consists of the two cards 'the Emperor' and 'the Hanged Man'. Crosswise to it the two cards 'the fool' and 'the magician' are used. The motive resulting from it should be corresponding to an archetype of my life reality.

In order to underlay the whole now still with a recommendation for action, I have adopted for me an announcement from the oracle work of the I Ching in a translation of Richard Wilhelm. This reads as follows. 'Perseverance brings advantage.' (Memory quote)


Nothing is meaningless

Mathias Schneider, as an 'Art-Trash' activist, has the incidents of his existence in view and deals with his moods in the process. For a resonance in the form of a reaction to his environment he has not been able to do anything, but he has also by no means suppressed or ignored it. There he sees himself as a partaker of what has happened. He would not be the only one who participates in something like that. All people are biased and are attached to each other through their relationship. One is worth something to itself. This is given and it has endured.

Thanks to the fabrication of some works Mathias Schneider has found something that suited him. He has made them, applying a power to those objects which is his own. From that moment on he had them at his disposal and with their help he was able to gain a better reputation among his fellow men. Everything has gone its usual course and in the course of it a progress of his efforts has taken place. He wants to be satisfied with what he has achieved.

The numbers and figures, which he has described or formed with his work, have not carried any other information content in themselves, as it will be to be looked at the respective works from itself. For this reason he insists on the unity of those things as he has been able to produce them. Something is to be read off from it, but it should not be arbitrary what one has read off from it. Basically he has done only few things alone. His descriptions and works give something of his introspection. It has occurred in a finite way and has been quite limited. A fantasy also appears in such a way, as it is to the person, who has experienced it.

His works give his view of the whole. To be able to prove this by means of the aid of his own writing, he has written on a 'book for everything'. It embodies a kind of newspaper, which by its nature also had meaning for yesterday. He also takes into account the time before that when he composes his texts. He integrates what is known to him in it. Thus his writings are to convey designations of the given and to illuminate such aspects of the existence of a man as they are connected with it. Admittedly, this is something that has been very limited as a matter. The words have become simpler with increasing refinement of their formulation and have drawn, nevertheless, at the same time also a more exact picture of the given.


A force for life

The light has filled us in this existence and it has shown us what reflections appear on the surface of things. Many things we have already looked at and some of them we have also recognized. Some of it we have been able to remember and now we are in the right condition for it to complete our picture of reality. Then, all at once, the light went out. We have slept and had visions. Many a dream has arisen in us and has filled this night with its own content.

Everything shall be true. It will not matter whether we are awake, asleep or dreaming. Something is happening around us to which we are attuned. Therefore, we sometimes neglect our own vision and the image of our reality.

Let us once again take on the whole. Let that be a whole which has made us. Let us recognize the universal essence of a human being and apply its relevance for us to our way of life. Such a one takes place, completely equivalent it has been for it, in which state we have been just at such a moment.

Everything happens. We could not exclude ourselves from it. Even if we have done so many things in life, we have only shaped the events with it. They are based on the given. It will always occur in the same way and cause the same conditionality for us.

Then, all of a sudden, change appeared obsolete for a person's happiness in life. We may have judged it that way. But that would not be right. We need him to be able to assert ourselves. After all, we have always been a living being. At the construction of the world nothing wrong has occurred. Everything has experienced its existence completely rightly. Yes, it occurs in each case in the most favorable way. I have trusted in such a regularity. Let it constitute the essence of the things with me.

The universal being of a man embodies for him an access to the surrounding lives. Some of them belong to him. But he belonged to them just as well. I believe in it, that is certain. For each of us it has been so. Even if we have become solitaries, who have roamed through this world alone and for themselves, we embody a unity of a union of entities, which can be of all nature. A limitation for it has existed, it has only initiated this process of an identification and has made it possible.

No one appears alone. No one occurs alone. That is why it should be possible for us to experience happiness in life.


A ubiquitous magazine

We live in the age of overdetermination. Something known to us we would not only know, we know a thousand things to say about it. However, these have been a few too many facts, which we have known to say to everything. Thereby the essence of the things gets out of the sense and everything has behaved or acted differently than one has presupposed it. Thus the knowledge of the people has been affected. Hardly anyone can still hold his own with these before his fellow men. Neither rules are kept nor regularities are followed.

With it the clever man has fallen behind. What he has worked out, he would almost not be able to attach without a damage of what has made him or what that has released with him. That is why he risks a lot if he shows his knowledge and shares his knowledge. But such a spasm has not helped us to anything good.

He who has not thought through his own to the end, has supposedly no consequential effect of it to bear. An environment reflects to him his ability, but alone only rarely his inability. With it he has good cards to outgrow himself. However, a value of the things results from their existence. He who is able to build himself up by what he has, does this rightly.

Mathias Schneider writes down his thoughts and uses them to form his own ideas in order to assert himself with his fellow men. That which thereby becomes true for him can confidently occur. It shall do so.

For many years he has been among the people without being heard by you. You have hardly noticed him. Thus many a good thing of him has degenerated. The problem of a failure to thrive he has previously found out with himself. The nature of himself known to him has not been taken into account among people. One has poured him instead with ideas to the life. That is why his existence has been so difficult for him to lead.

Time and again, he has given people something of what he owns. Some people have not given him back anything of equal value in return. But how should one get along in the way? - This has brought him little good. His chances have been wasted, they have been left to him, but he has not been properly taken care of. There he has recognized the given and has retreated to a variant of the occupation which has made possible for him a preservation of his things. In the meantime, he has realized that his literary activity serves primarily the purpose of securing his linguistic ability.

With the additional help of the two other areas of his activity he determines his way in a lasting way. It comes to him that he has to go this way in independence from his environment. More and more he withdraws to his own being and the true facts of his life. Thereby he considered it as a basic equipment of the human being, what he has worked out. He, who has so often been attacked and doubted, has set out to secure the fundamental of his existence. With it he has found something for what completely rightly a necessity has existed. A world and its balance should appear.

His language design has served him to clarify how something can be said. Thanks to them, he can create phrases that are trivial in nature. He takes their occurrence into account and explores the dimension of a person with them. For this purpose he has created his 'construction kit', it is supposed to be his basis for it.


Radical acceptance

A world within which the whole of it emanated thanks to a vacuum, such one is to be considered also as initial phenomenon. Since the moment of its appearance has been a time sequence. Its force has resulted from a transfer which has caused a void to burst. Thereupon the space has condensed and has produced as structure a material which persists as rest of the whole.

Analogous to it the human being has appropriated an idea of what he has found and has shown it. Thereby his works have originated. The one has conditioned the other, but through it it has also come into being. One lives well in harmony with such a process and has left everything as it has become, because it has corresponded to the facts. Our knowledge was also recognizable there. We have determined a lot of it.

To an induction everything is included what has appeared as a consequential effect. There are the cosmic events also such. Meanwhile we live in a world to which we should get used. For this purpose we have recognized and confirmed it as it is. Thus, a state of knowledge has come to us, which was based on the truth of a realization.

Let us not close ourselves to what is ours. Let us accept it better, as the things have appeared to us. Let us bring order into what is happening to us. Let us leave everything and assert ourselves before a world, which in truth has already wrested so many things from us.

A nature has been nothing good, as long as it has not inserted itself into the valid system. For this reason, we recognize the advantage for us in recognizing something as it is given. In this we have been radical, that we have accepted such a thing. Meanwhile the creation also continues to emanate itself in the way too own to it what can be seen. There we attach ourselves to what we have known and understood from it.

For everything there is an orientation. So also for the emanation of the world. There our perception alone contains only a fraction of what it has constituted. Besides, all things are to be weighted according to how close they have come to us. Temporally and spatially they can be close to us. Meanwhile, we are natural beings who have aligned ourselves with what is considered to be their spirit. Our alertness has come from knowing how to reflect what we have been alert to.

We have pre-drawn something to make our capacity clear. In the process, auxiliary constructs have come into being. They facilitate our life immensely. We speak of fine materiality when we have presupposed such auxiliary constructions. It forms that ether of the human being to which it is able to attach itself.

Once we have given ourselves an orientation, the goal is already reached. If we have gained a perspective, only our continuity is needed to convince. Therefore, we can confidently say that we have embodied a capacity that takes pleasure in its use and releases a happiness in life for man.


Everything adds up to

Man has always formed a unit. As such he comes before and appears. There he runs in an unabbreviated way on circular paths. Meanwhile everything has pulsated at him. There it should be a whole what emanated thanks to his existence. That persists. The drive of it is to be understood like a reflection. A mirror for it exists. It occurs at the things and gives them their appearance. With it everything receives its colors. Light and shadow occur.

There the human being has been to be heard as such. People have already spoken many things. Only when this has passed, we have thought. For this purpose we went into seclusion with ourselves. For a moment we had the experience of contemplation. With such a peaceful mood, we came to terms with ourselves and made something real.

Everything we have left. Nothing has been preserved by us. Things have finally behaved in a natural way. This is how it is intended, this is how it may be.


If nothing has not been true, we could not count on anything.


Role play and interaction

Those who are inhibited in their development soon get used to a condition caused by it. However, nobody would have to be content with an inhibition. One can learn to give his needs enough space with himself. Since they are one's own needs, they will fulfill their function and do good to the person. We would like to have this fixed in such a way. This is how it endures.

Man has found orientation at an example. There he looks for and collects such impressions as they are connected with it. If he first starts to look at that example, for which he will stand with other people, then he has good cards to make something right. It should save us many long-winded speeches and oaths that we can stand our ground in life. Then we have known about ourselves, but we have also recognized how things stand with us. Not everything that has shone has been gold. Some things have been only a glimmer on another material.

There, things have appeared and been similar to each other. Their interaction has come about. For this we have not needed to do anything. Everything appears in such a way as it can and as it wants to. It can neither be controlled nor can it be brought under control. We began to improvise and to do this we first of all dissolved all kinds of clinging among us. The hold they once gave us used to cut off our air. Our situation made it so that we got up and freed ourselves.

There we saw the structures of other people and admired them because they were good at many things. We see it in them that they bring an inner equipment with them, which has class. Meanwhile, the human being should not fail to be attentive to himself. There we presuppose it that we also have something comparable to it for us to own. The most beautiful, the best and the greatest that we know, we sometimes find in our fellow men and take an example from it. In this way we have already made many an assumption. It has been the faith of us, what has set something in motion with us, what has been relevant for a fulfillment. We leave it to other people that they also believed in something. Let everyone have his piece of bread for himself. That is to be true completely rightly. It has meant something to me.

What people have meant to each other has made our intrinsic value. A mentality of man results true to his nature. No mistake will be found in the plan of creation. It has been so because everything exists in the world. There it has been a continuum what we have considered as world.

A time is inscribed to the whole, but also to all its parts. There the clocks run down. Everything decays. The existence has been a descent. So it has also appeared. In order to be able to oppose something of value to it, man has built a culture. He has derived it from the nature because it has been the relevant parameter for the living.

A culture unites individuals and gives them a special quality. Since it has given them tasks and formed the community. Such a culture protects us from all kinds of dangers. A prosperity arises. The capable find happiness in the fulfillment of their duty. They stand up for the community. A harm belongs to be averted. For this it should not have mattered what caused such a damage. It should not persist permanently.


Validity of a matrix

It has not been the questions whether we can exist within a matrix or whether there will be such a matrix for us which are to experience meaning. Rather it has been the statement that we have to recognize its limitations in order to be able to determine it what has made it. Without experiencing such limitations, there can be no existence. A matrix is a nature. That is how it is to be understood. It conditions the nature of a man and therefore has made him such.

There we look for and find examples of what a fabric has to own. We dress ourselves in cloths and also represent ourselves something comparable to it. Our body is characterized by the fact that with him tissue layers superimpose the organs and the compound of it again is put on our skeleton. Inside of it, what constitutes our locomotor system, soft, but throughout structurally ordered parts of a mass are stored, which is built up in the same way as our brain. There such a one has its dependencies.

The head with its cranial bone is to be understood like a large gathering place. Here something is coordinated and put together at the human being. Thereby the substance of it is almost the same as that marrow of the other bone formations at the human being.


Stress as the key to prosperity and happiness

Something good also has its effects. From this we make it that something has existed and occurred. Our impression of it has brought us closer to it and has shown a trace of it.

What there is, may be.